Flatbed Towing Service Reston Va

Flatbed tow trucks get their name from their iconic flat platforms. Some towing companies also refer to flatbed tow trucks as roll-back trucks. This is because they have a hydraulic system that rolls the platform back at an angle that allows the vehicle to drive straight onto the platform (like Knight Rider!) and be taken to its destination. As soon as the vehicle is safely loaded onto the platform, the hydraulic system lowers the platform to its starting position. Of the five types of tow trucks, flatbed trucks are the safest because they cause the least damage to vehicles. This is because the car is not on the ground and is attached to the cargo bed.

Flat Bed Tow Trucks Reston

The entire rear of a flatbed tow truck is equipped with a platform that can tilt vertically and slide diagonally onto the ground. This enables the vehicle to position itself on the "platform" on its own, which means that the car must be functional in order to be able to climb onto this type of crane. If your car won't start or you can't drive, this is not the ideal tow truck for your vehicle. In this case we would use a lift crane. Or a winch would be used to pull the vehicle onto the platform. A winch is a motorized steel cable that is attached to the frame of a car for pulling it onto a platform.

Lift Flatbed Tow Trucks Reston

Lift flatbed tow trucks use a wheel lift frame (cage shape without floor) to lift the disabled vehicle and raise the vehicle perpendicular to the platform, to then be loaded onto the platform. This type of trailer is used for a car that does not work or for vehicles that are parked in parallel and cannot work. These types of tow trucks are not traditionally found in the United States, but are widely used in Europe. In the event your vehicle is too damaged to ride on a flatbed crane, click here to review all the towing options we offer. We usually recommend using a wheel lift or a full car hook and chain carrier for a car that needs to be repaired.