Cheap Towing Near Me Chantilly

If you are searching for "cheap towing near me", we should probably talk about average towing cost per mile. For Fairfax towing charges, most towing companies will charge anywhere from $100, all the way up to $175 for a local tow, which would be somewhere in the five to ten mile radius. Alternatively, some towing places charge a hookup up fee which is around $100, and then an additional $3 to $5 per mile the vehicle is towed. Therefore, when you factor in those costs, an average 10 mile tow will be between $150 to $250. At Tow Truck of Reston, our hookup fee is $95, and we charge $3.75 per mile towed. So if you were towing from your home in Chantilly to your mechanic in Sterling approximately 10 miles away, your cost would be $132.50. Compare to other local tow trucks, we are a cheap tow truck option for you.

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